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Light Roast Single Origin Subscription


If you love light roast single origins, and are open to trying a new one every few months without even having to think about it, this is the subscription for you!

Our single origins rotate every 3-4 months according to seasonality and availability. With this subscription, you will always receive a light roast single origin coffee, and you will likely receive the same coffee several deliveries in a row until we release a new light roast single origin. You will receive an email notification ahead of any changes, and if you have a pay-as-you-go subscription, you will be able to skip or cancel your subscription if you aren't interested in the new coffee. Learn more about our current light roast single origin coffee below!


Our Current Light Roast Single Origin

If you subscribe now, this will be the coffee in your first shipment, and will continue to be the coffee you receive in this subscription until we rotate to our next light roast single origin.

Varieties: Castillo
GrowingAltitude: 1950–2100 masl
Processing Method: Natural

This single origin offering is comprised of high-scoring coffees from eight smallholder farms who deliver their harvests to the Manos Juntas mill for processing.

Smallholder farmers delivering to a centralized mill like Manos Juntas are able to take advantage of the technology and infrastructure needed for processing, such as drying beds, fermentation tanks, and depulpers, without having to pay for or maintain these themselves, and being able to focus on agricultural practices and healthy harvests. Producers who deliver coffees to Manos Juntas for processing are paid upfront at a fixed price well above market value, which increases financial stability for producers.

We're currently tasting notes of cranberry and cream soda in this coffee. We kept this roast on the lighter side in order to let all of those inherent qualities in these beans shine through.

The juicy, fruity quality of this coffee is thanks in part to being a natural process coffee, in which the coffee cherries undergo anaerobic fermentation for five days, are aged for an additional five days, and are then dried on solar dryers for anywhere from 30 to 45 days.

Natural processed coffees are known for their distinct and bold notes of sweetness, jammy fruit, and even wine, since the coffees’ fruit is left on the seed (bean) for several days and is not removed until after it has dried, whereas with the more common washed process, the fruit and mucilage is typically removed within 24 hours of being harvested.