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Uganda / Engeya


We're so thrilled to bring you this coffee from the Rwenzori region of western Uganda. In Engeya you'll find the familiar traits of acidity and fruitiness that are common in East African coffees, while remaining well-rounded and balanced for a really pleasing drink, sip after sip. 

Roast Level: Medium 
Tasting Notes: Birch Beer, Clementine, Cherry Cordial



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Varieties: SL14
Growing Altitude: 1300-2000 masl
Processing Method: Fully Washed

At an 84+ cup score, Engeya combines the unique traits of East African coffees, acidity and fruity notes, while distinguishing itself with a roundness and balanced cup that’s unlike any other origin in the region.

Engeya’s accessibility and high quality is due to UGACOF / Sucafina Uganda's vertically integrated supply chain, which enables us to ensure consistency and quality. The remarkable quality of this coffee is a direct result of high altitudes and the fertile soil of the regions in which it is grown.

Coffee is usually the primary cash crop for farmers, but most also intercrop their trees alongside plantains, bananas and fruit. This intercropped produce makes up a substantial part of the family’s diet for the year.

Sucafina Uganda (UGACOF) is taking every possible measure to ensure that their operations are empowering stakeholders to produce high quality, sustainable coffees. They've registered 8,000+ farmer households, to whom we provide assistance in Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) trainings, certification and various other benefits.

Engeya encapsulates the familiar tasting notes of most East African coffees with distinct acidity and fruitiness, while offering a slew of other easily detectible notes that create a beautifully well-rounded coffee. We chose birch beer as the first tasting note to demonstrate just how much flavor you'll get out of this coffee, from smooth vanilla to earthy cinnamon and a hint of refreshing wintergreen.

This coffee will be spectacular as a filter or pour over, and especially as an espresso!