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5th State Espresso


Our flagship espresso blend is built to please the taste preference of all old school and new school espresso drinkers. This blend pairs wonderfully with milk and creates a beautiful crema, which is ideal for latte art, but it's also made to be absolutely delicious no matter which way you brew it!

We are currently tasting dark maple, brown butter, and blackberry in 5th State.


What's in 5th State?

Varieties: Anacafe 14, Bourbon, Marsellesa
Growing Altitude: 900-1350 masl
Processing Method: Honey

This coffee was processed at Beneficio Los Molinos, which serves as a central processing hub for the coffee sourced by trading company COFINCAF from farms throughout Chiapas. Coffee cherry is selectively handpicked and delivered to the wet mill. At intake, cherry is inspected and only ripe, red cherry is processed for this Honey lot. Cherry is pulped and parchment plus remaining mucilage is laid to dry. Parchment is raked frequently to ensure even drying.

COFINCAF trading company is helmed by coffee farmer María Esther Saut Niño. Saut and her husband have worked since 2012 to distribute over 20 million healthy coffee plants throughout their community to help recover from a destructive coffee plant fungus that crippled many local farmers' livelihoods. From their Rainforest Alliance-certified farm Finca La Fortaleza, Saut and her husband have created a hub of education and resources for other coffee producers in Chiapas.

You can learn even more about María Esther Saut Niño and COFINCAF here!

Variety:CastilloGrowing Altitude:1560 masl
Processing Method:Washed

Finca Palmichal is high on the western side of the Central Andes mountain range, near the municipality of Genova, in the department of Quindío. This region went through violent and difficult times during the peak of the guerrilla expansion in the country. But now, after the negotiation between the government and the FARC, there is hope among these communities for many safe and happy years to come.

Producer Atilano Giraldo is the third generation of his family to grow coffee in Quindío, and he grew up working in coffee alongside his father. Gradually, he acquired additional properties, including Finca Palmichal, which he bought from the local Osorio family.

Recently, after years of hard work, and in order to help the development of his region, Don Atilano ran and was elected as a senator in the Colombian parliament representing Quindío.

Varieties: Typica, Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai, Paches
Growing Altitude: 1100–1800 masl
Processing Method: Fully Washed

Coffee from Huehuetenango (pronounced way-way-ten-AN-go) is known for its complexity and toffee-like sweetness, and this one is no exception. This particular selection is sweet and mild, with notes of toffee and coffee cherry balancing perfectly with the tart acidity throughout its counterparts.

In the Maya Q'qnjobal dialect from Huehuetenango, waykan means "star (or light) that shines in the sky at night."

Varieties: SL14
Growing Altitude: 1300-2000 masl
Processing Method: Fully Washed

At an 84+ cup score, Engeya combines the unique traits of East African coffees, acidity and fruity notes, while distinguishing itself with a roundness and balanced cup that’s unlike any other origin in the region.

Engeya’s accessibility and high quality is due to UGACOF / Sucafina Uganda's vertically integrated supply chain, which enables us to ensure consistency and quality. The remarkable quality of this coffee is a direct result of high altitudes and the fertile soil of the regions in which it is grown.

Coffee is usually the primary cash crop for farmers, but most also intercrop their trees alongside plantains, bananas and fruit. This intercropped produce makes up a substantial part of the family’s diet for the year.

Sucafina Uganda (UGACOF) is taking every possible measure to ensure that their operations are empowering stakeholders to produce high quality, sustainable coffees. They've registered 8,000+ farmer households, to whom we provide assistance in Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) trainings, certification and various other benefits.