R+R® - Reprocess + Repurpose

All empty 12 oz or 2 lb Rebel Dog branded coffee bags that are returned to our staff or the designated Reprocess + Repurpose (R+R) boxes at our locations in Plainville, Farmington, and East Hartford will be consolidated and sent to ByFusion or HydroBlox. At ByFusion, your returned coffee bags will be upcycled into ByBlocks, which are the world's first construction-grade building material made entirely from repurposed, often un-recyclable plastic waste. At HydroBlox, our coffee bags and other difficult to recycle plastics are reprocessed into innovative drainage solutions.

At the moment, we are only able to accept Rebel Dog branded 12 oz and 2 lb coffee bags in our R+R collection boxes, as only certain plastics are able to be reprocessed at ByFusion, and we are unable to verify the construction materials of other coffee roasters' bags. At this time, our 5 lb bags are not constructed of the same materials that are accepted for reprocessing, and should not be returned to R+R boxes.

If you'd like to learn more about the R+R Program and BYFUSION, you can visit Savor Brands' R+R Program site.