About Us

At Rebel Dog Coffee Company we are focused on our local community, high quality products at a fair price, and exceptional customer service. We want our guests to feel welcome and comfortable and create a more personal customer experience. We also want to share our skills and knowledge of the specialty coffee industry with our customers to help guide them towards the "perfect cup.”

In addition to coffee, we provide an extensive selection of artisan food, including breakfast and lunch, plus a full brunch menu and bar at the Tavern in Plainville. We produce all of our pastries, many of our breads, and other ingredients at our commissary in Plainville, and all of our food is made to order.

We are strong advocates for direct trade and supporting local businesses to ensure that we create the best possible products.

With three locations in Plainville, Farmington, and East Hartford, Connecticut, we make it convenient to enjoy a specialty coffee experience. Our trained staff is always ready to help with any requests or questions you may have.

We hope that you will visit us and become part of our community!

The "Perfect Cup"

At Rebel Dog, we pay close attention to all stages of the coffee production process, from farm to cup. At the end of 2021, we began our own coffee roasting program, ensuring a continued and increased focus on ethical green coffee purchasing. With our carefully chosen and expertly roasted coffees, we are proud to be able to cater to all coffee drinkers, from light and complex to rich and dark and everything in between. All of our baristas are trained in the art of coffee extraction and presentation, and continue to develop their knowledge of the coffee industry.

Exceptional Service

We focus on providing our employees with a happy and healthy work environment, which results in them enjoying their time at work. This translates to the level of comfort and service that they provide to our customers. Our staff develops relationships with our customers that go above and beyond the average company, creating a strong sense of community.

Local Business

As a local business, Rebel Dog believes in supporting and partnering with other Connecticut and regional businesses, including Cross Culture Komucha in Danbury, Catanzaro Quality Meats in New Britain, Lupi-Marchigiano in New Haven, idleWilde Printing Company in Berlin, and more. We also offer a wholesale and private label coffee roasting program aimed at helping other local businesses capitalize on their growing brands and growth into new markets through coffee.


As Rebel Dog continues to grow, we invest in the towns and cities that we establish ourselves in. We support local organizations through events and fundraisers, and we’re happy to be a welcoming space where all people can gather with other members of their community.

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