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Dark Roast Single Origin Subscription


If you love dark roast single origins, and are open to trying a new one every few months without even having to think about it, this is the subscription for you!

Our single origins rotate every 3-4 months according to seasonality and availability. With this subscription, you will always receive a dark roast single origin coffee, and you will likely receive the same coffee several deliveries in a row until we release a new dark roast single origin. You will receive an email notification ahead of any changes, and if you have a pay-as-you-go subscription, you will be able to skip or cancel your subscription if you aren't interested in the new coffee. You can learn more about our current dark roast single origin offering below.


Our Current Dark Roast Single Origin

If you subscribe now, this will be the coffee in your first shipment, and will continue to be the coffee you receive in this subscription until we rotate to our next dark roast single origin.

Varieties: Anacafe 14, Bourbon, Marsellesa
Growing Altitude: 900-1350 masl
Processing Method: Honey

This coffee was processed at Beneficio Los Molinos, which serves as a central processing hub for the coffee sourced by trading company COFINCAF from farms throughout Chiapas. Coffee cherry is selectively handpicked and delivered to the wet mill. At intake, cherry is inspected and only ripe, red cherry is processed for this Honey lot. Cherry is pulped and parchment plus remaining mucilage is laid to dry. Parchment is raked frequently to ensure even drying.

COFINCAF trading company is helmed by coffee farmer María Esther Saut Niño. Saut and her husband have worked since 2012 to distribute over 20 million healthy coffee plants throughout their community to help recover from a destructive coffee plant fungus that crippled many local farmers' livelihoods. From their Rainforest Alliance-certified farm Finca La Fortaleza, Saut and her husband have created a hub of education and resources for other coffee producers in Chiapas.

You can learn even more about María Esther Saut Niño and COFINCAF here!

While no honey is involved in the processing of this coffee, you can expect sweet, honey-like notes in this coffee. It also reminds us of biting into a perfect piece of toast with lots of sweet cream butter, and has a hint of herby sage notes for a very well-rounded coffee.

Depending on how you brew this coffee, you may also notice some fruitier notes like strawberry, and some lemony, citrus acidity.