Rebel Dog Coffee Co.

Session Half Caff


One of the first things we knew when we began our own roasting program was that we wanted to offer both a really good decaf (check out Speed Limit!) and a really good half-caffeinated blend, so we’re very excited to offer our Session Blend. Given a name reminiscent of easy-drinking session beers, known for being a little less intense but no less drinkable, our Session Blend half-caf coffee is an easily drinkable blend of Mexican and naturally decaffeinated Colombian coffees.

We are currently tasting notes of honeycrisp apple and macadamia with a silky texture in the Session Blend.


What's in Session Half Caff

Varieties: Castillo, Colombia, Caturra
Growing Altitude: 1200–2100 masl
Processing Method: Natural Decaffeination

This coffee is custom decaffeinated for Café Imports in Colombia with a natural process that uses Ethyl Acetate (EA), a naturally occurring ester found in bananas and, for this purpose, as a by-product of fermenting sugar cane. This process is also known as Sugarcane Decaffeination, and is exceptional for maintaining the integrity and sweetness of the green coffee even as the caffeine is removed (until only a maximum of .001%-.003% remains).

Varieties: Anacafe 14, Bourbon, Marsellesa
Growing Altitude: 900-1350 masl
Processing Method: Honey

This coffee was processed at Beneficio Los Molinos, which serves as a central processing hub for the coffee sourced by trading company COFINCAF from farms throughout Chiapas. Coffee cherry is selectively handpicked and delivered to the wet mill. At intake, cherry is inspected and only ripe, red cherry is processed for this Honey lot. Cherry is pulped and parchment plus remaining mucilage is laid to dry. Parchment is raked frequently to ensure even drying.

COFINCAF trading company is helmed by coffee farmer María Esther Saut Niño. Saut and her husband have worked since 2012 to distribute over 20 million healthy coffee plants throughout their community to help recover from a destructive coffee plant fungus that crippled many local farmers' livelihoods. From their Rainforest Alliance-certified farm Finca La Fortaleza, Saut and her husband have created a hub of education and resources for other coffee producers in Chiapas.

You can learn even more about María Esther Saut Niño and COFINCAF here!